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Women Representation Across Career Fields

Ana Carolina Pereira

We all see women working as nurses, teachers, waitresses and flight attendants, but have you all stopped to think about the non-traditional jobs that you rarely see women in, jobs like surgeons, chefs and fire fighters. The lack of representation isn’t only in engineering but everyday jobs too.

As young girls grow up, what they see and are surrounded by is usually what they are interested in, by having more representation in jobs that lack women or aren’t usually dominated by women, they can have more choices in what they would like to be. There are 91.5% of women working as nurse practitioners, 97.2% of women working as teachers, 71.8% of women working as waitresses, and 75.8% of women work as flight attendants. In non-traditional jobs that aren’t usually woman dominated, there are 36.7% of women working as surgeons, 21.4% of women work as head chefs, and 5.7% of women work as firefighters. As you can tell by these statistics, we as women need to broaden the idea of what women are capable of doing and showing that we too can lead and work just as hard as men can. Women don’t have to fall under the stereotypes of not being able to do a “man’s job.”

Some things we can do as women are to find powerful women leaders like Alexandri Ocasio Cortez and expose them to the younger generation because in in studies like the “Abstract,” it explains that if women are exposed to other powerful women they don’t “express automatic stereotypic beliefs,” which is what they found in their first study. As women we can learn to be confident about what we do and encourage each other with that confidence, so that we can uplift each other and help one another.

Something to know if you want to enter male dominated workforces, is to do your research beforehand about that company of position to see if the environment is what you want to be in. Also other things you should consider is how they treat their employees and the amount of pay that each position gets. If they don’t pay equally then, that’s probably not the best company to work in or if they don’t treat the men and women the same.

Hopefully from these statistics and advice, you have learned that women need more representation and we are the generation to do that. From inspiring our younger family members to helping other young girls realize we are just as capable and we are ready to overcome these stereotypes and the idea that women can’t work in a “man’s job.”

We hope through these blogs you learn more about a career path you might be interested in or want to pursue. Remember to dream big and not to limit yourself! <3


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