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The Disproportionality in Maternal Mortality Rates

It is a generally well known fact that the US has the worst rates of maternal mortality in all developed countries. However what some of us don't realize is how much of a reality this is in our very own communities. When doing research on the mortality rates and the differences in varying racial groups, I found very concerning figures.

1. Maternal deaths per 100,000 live births:

Black women in my county had a rate of 250 (per 100,000 live births), while Florida (my state) black women had a rate of less than 50. My county and Florida white women’s rates were a very miniscule amount; much below 50. ( see figure 1.1)

2. Severe maternal morbidity: unexpected outcomes of labor and delivery that result in significant short- or long-term consequences to a woman’s health. Here are the rates per

1000 delivery hospitalization for each demographic: (see figure 1.2)

o My county (MC) black women (BW)= 35.

o MC white women (WW) = 25

o Florida BW = 30

o Florida WW = 15.

The Tampa Chapter of GGB is planning on ideas to try to fix this terrible disparity. We are working on education on these types of matters, and making prenatal care more accessible. Try to look at data from your own state's official health charts and data queries. The information you find there might be shocking.

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