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Staying Organized

Jeylin Hamilton

Hi! Welcome to our first self care blog!

As times get tough it is important for everyone to take care of themselves and maintain their mental health. While this may seem simple, it is definitely over looked and we are all sometimes guilty of letting the little things slide.

A part of that is staying on top of work and keeping organized. Staying on top of your stuff can benefit you by reducing unnecessary stress from having a work overload and keeping you in the right mindset to stay productive and get stuff in before or on schedule. Not only will you be getting it done on time, but it'll feel good and you'll feel accomplished!

Keeping organized and having everything neat and in order, as well as having easy access to your things will give you a clearer mind and maybe even help you get things done more efficiently and with better quality. Personally, I feel organizing my work with little sticky note reminders are very helpful with staying on top of things, even adding reassuring notes to boost yourself is helpful as well.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself and leave some to relax. You deserve it!

You got this! <33

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