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Self love Part 1

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

What is self love? How do I accomplish it?

Self love will always be a journey and it will be up to you to find it. Self love goes beyond finding yourself, it is knowing your worth, and being happy and confident in your mind, body, and ability. Through this journey you will always experience the lows before getting to the highpoint, and it is not expected for you to always be feeling 100%. There will be the good and bad days where you won’t feel good with yourself or might feel like you've been out done but it is important to keep in mind that we're all human and we're all on similar journeys tp uncovering our inner confidence.

Personally, I went through the same journey and am still on the journey of finding myself and having confidence. As an athlete the most important factor to success is having confidence and even in middle school I had no confidence in myself at all. To me everyday just felt like another day, and I was tired of the same routine of school to practice, and repeat. I did not feel that there was anything more of me other than my daily routine. It was not until this past year that I actually experienced being confident in my sport, but i still do experience the bad days now and it is hard but you have to push through. This past summer was when I became happy and confident in my body after facing insecurity because of social media standards and although it made me feel insecure it also led me to a good habit of exercising, which helps with motivation to me personally.

Also, I would recommend surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good, who make you feel happy and who make you feel supported. My experience with this has been Girls Give Back. Joining GGB and being around a group of supportive and great girls has definitely made me feel more comfortable with myself and played a big role in my journey.

The message I am trying to get to you ,is that although life and social media can make us feel low and insecure at times, remember to push yourself and ignore the negativity around you. It's normal to feel low sometimes but pick your self back up and believe in yourself and ability. You got this <3

Reach out to us if you need advice or want to talk! We're here for YOU.

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