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Ms. Kim Janey, First woman and woman of color of the city of Boston

Khandace Wilkerson

On Thursday, March 25th, the city of Boston sworn its first female mayor, Kim Janey. Not only is she serving as our first woman mayor but she is also serving as the first Black woman to be sworn in as mayor in the city of Boston. Since 2018, Kim Janey has served on Boston’s city council representing the 7th district which includes the neighborhoods of Roxbury, the South End, Dorchester and the Fenway. Since then, she was appointed as president of the council in January of last year.

Growing up in Boston’s very own Roxbury during the 70s and 80s, Kim Janey-along with many other students of color in Boston- was bused to Charlestown at the age of 11. Using her brilliance and persistence to succeed through high school and get into college. Graduating from Northeastern University, Janey taught and worked as school administrator then later moving to Rochester, New York to serve as the superintendent of the school district. Throughout the course of her career, Kim Janey has worked alongside civil rights activists and youth engagement workers. In 2001, Janey became Senior Project Director for Parents United for Child Care. She has been a longstanding advocate for systemic policy reform, educational equity in BPS, as well as increasing access, excellence and opportunity for students all around Greater Boston. Through witnessing her own daughter’s experiences in Boston Public Schools, Kim Janey has placed special focus on eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps for children of color, children with special needs as well as immigrant children. While attending the New School for Children forum in 2017, Janey made sure to be a voice for the voiceless parents and children that were not being heard in regards to equal opportunities in education.

As a proud mother and a grandmother of three, Kim Janey serves as a powerful, inspiring and honorable role model for not only Black women, but women all around the city of Boston as well as the nation. Having her be sworn in as Boston’s first woman and first Black woman mayor is such a great way to end Women’s History Month!

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