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Opinion Editorial- Should Amy Coney Barrett Be Confirmed Onto The Supreme Court?

Salma Murphy

November 12th 2020

We are a bleeding nation, that is in desperate need of healing and unity.

The forced confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett is not only an embarrassment, but a threat. The confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett will have long-lasting implications for our country that will penalize many marginalized communities and Americans throughout the nation.

Ruth Bater Ginseburg led a very impactful career in the supreme court, as she was the second female justice on the court. Her strong liberal views followed through in her position as a supreme court justice, passing and upholding laws that would support women, LGBTQ+, and low-income communities. Her work was for the American people, not just for the rich, white, heterosexual, man. She was for those like me- the low-income, Muslim woman and for those like my friends, the African American, Latino male, and female. RBG was a voice for those who did not have one, and it showed. Amy Coney Barrett on the other hand is a threat to these communities. Her work in the supreme court, the highest court of the land, will be a step in the wrong direction. With her on the court the systems of oppression and systemic racism wont be reformed in the speed in which we need them to be, now.

I want this to be a country for all, not a country for some, and we must see the reality of this.

With Donald Trump defying the wishes of the late RBG, to not fill her seat until after the 2020 presidential election, he nominated Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett is known for ruling against reproductive rights and the affordable care act.

The Supreme Court Of The United States is now an overwhelming 6-3 conservative-leaning court; exactly what conservative officials have wanted in order to rule the court and prohibit democratic/liberal judgment . Thus, this leaves Roe v. Wade at stake nationally. Where if overturned by the supreme court, individual states will be able to make abortion illegal and place stricter laws or restrictions on abortion. This will create fierce legislative disputes among many states. States in the US have already said that they would limit access to legal abortion and essentially make it illegal. More than likely this will happen due to the heavy conservatism among the court and now the new justice. Amy Coney Barrett has expressed her views on abortion and reproductive rights, where she is openly pro-life and would most likely vote in favor of overturning the case. Contraceptive as well as access to abortion is at risk under the now conservative-leaning court. Griswold v. Connecticut is a case that allows individuals to use contraceptives without any government restriction. “During her confirmation hearings, Barrett specifically refused to say whether she felt Griswold was correctly decided.”, Says an article by NPR that confronts Barrett.

Though, past all of the ‘legal talk’, these rulings and legislations have effects on real girls and women.

Even if abortion were to become illegal, at-home and unsafe abortions will continue to happen and continue to take the lives of many women across the country. Over 20 million performed abortions are unsafe or not done by licensed professionals or clinics. The death toll of women who die due to at-home or unsafe abortions is over 13% and the majority of them are women of color. If the courts and states have the ability to prevent the death of 68,000 plus women yearly, I hope that they would. In addition, Coney Barrett's potential actions may add to racial disparities through these issues.


Once Roe Vs. Wade is overturned, it is believed the court will begin to target the affordable care act (also known as Obamacare) which supports providing free healthcare or low at cost. This targets low income, young people and people of color, and minority. The Affordable Care Act would be dismantled and subsidies for millions of Americans (specifically in the south) would be at risk and millions of people would lose their coverage. 133 million people would lose their coverage for pre-existing conditions (which pregnancy was considered), 12 million would lose their insurance and 2 million young adults that are under the age of 26 could be removed from their parent’s plans, (NBC news reports). In the case of the demolishing Obamacare, Justice Barrett is a key vote. If Barrett was to support the overturning of the act, it would mean that the act and expansion of things like medicare would no longer be available because it would no longer be funded due to the supreme court ruling. This is where the long-lasting implications will come into effect. Before Obamacare was introduced in 2013 there was a very large gap among minorities who were uninsured to white people who were uninsured. Over 40.5% of Hispanic/Latinx and 25.8% of African Americans were uninsured, as opposed to 14.8% of white people who were uninsured. After the fundamental factors of the ACA were put into place, the percentage of uninsured Hispanic and African Americans decreased by 12.1% combined. The Affordable care act has reduced health disparities and if the law were to be overturned, it would strike these communities harder than before if they were put into place. I wonder if Coney Barrett will be the swing the majority conservative court needs?

While Amy Coney Barrett is a powerful woman who holds a strong academic record and credible law experience, her beliefs have no place in the Supreme Court Of The United States. This already a struggling nation that does not need originalist views, or extreme conservative beliefs, or the continuation of rich white individuals holding power. Where that is not a correct representation of our country. We are the most diverse and progressive generation the country has ever seen. We need people, judges, legislatures, and politicians who are going to fight for the entirety of the country. We deserve better. Our country's run can no longer remain the same. Instilling oppression and traditional views in our courts and system will not work. The work ahead of us has potential consequences for millions of real Americans who are a part of marginalized communities and the confirmation of ACB will only pose a threat.

To my audience, I ask you to vote. I ask you to vote not only for yourself but for the futures of our children and teens. We’ve acknowledged the flaws, it’s time we see change. Our future is now.

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