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Healthy Relationships 101

Healthy boundaries. They are incredibly important to your peace of

mind. Have you ever had a relationship in your life where you feel like you

give more than you receive?

The truth is: there should be an equal balance of giving and receiving the majority of the time. While I understand that no relationship will be 50/50 all the time, it's to be in relationships/friendships with people that you know will be there for you when you need it. That being said, when in a relationship where you are doing all the work and more while the other person isn’t doing anything it's important to set healthy boundaries

for yourself so you don’t get mistreated in the end. You can set boundaries by

understanding your position in that person's life. Sit down and have a

conversation with that person about how their actions or their availability in

the relationship make you feel. Then proceed to ask them what your place is

in their life. If they describe you as an important person in their life yet you

feel that their actions continue to say otherwise then limit contact with that

person if necessary. Or you can change the way you interact with that person,

try not to do more than what your position requires because that will hurt you

more in the end. Never settle for mistreatment or poor dedication when it

comes to close relationships/friendship you have with other people, you are

not wrong for wanting all that you do for others reciprocated back to you.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I was able to help the on the other side of the screen. Be well!

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