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Continue to Fight COVID and Protect Our Communities!

Written by Marwa Murphy-Boston Middle School Chapter

In December of 2020, scientists discovered another dominant strain of Covid-19, called the delta variant. It originated from both India and Great Britain, spreading rapidly through both countries. Of our knowledge, we know that there are multiple variants of Covid-19, but the delta variant is the most harmful out of all of them.

Now the real question is, can the vaccine help fight the variant? Studies show that the Pfizer vaccine is 88% effective against the delta variant, which also means unvaccinated people are at risk. Getting the vaccine is beneficial for not only you, but for the people around you, especially during this time, while variants rapidly spread.

Now, the most important part about this whole pandemic is how you protect yourself, so you can protect others.

Ways to prevent you and others from getting covid-19:

Wear a mask! It saves lives.

Social distance. I know it may be hard to social distance, but always try your best, and try to `make the most fun out of it.

If you or a family member gets covid-19, self isolate!

Always wash your hands.

And lastly, get the vaccine! All of these easy tasks can get us out of this pandemic quickly.

Even though mask mandates were lifted, and places start to re-open in Boston, that does not mean that Covid is still gone. Covid is still very much here, and prominent in Boston, and other cities across the country and world. The daily average of cases is actually rising. So do the tasks, learn your facts, get the vaccine, and stay safe!

Let’s continue to protect our communities in Boston or wherever in the world you're reading from! We got this altogether.

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