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Congratulations Mayor Marty Walsh!

Bostons Mayor of six years, Marty Walsh is off to Washington D.C. as he received a nomination to serve as Labor Secretary on the Biden administration!

As a city, we are thrilled to see someone who was not only raised in Boston off to D.C but someone who has faithfully served Boston for so long. This is especially inspiring to me because of his background, Walsh doesn’t tell a standard success story as a politician. In a conversation I’ve had with the mayor in November, he openly talks about his past with alcohol and his journey to overcoming his struggles and how he uses his platform in Boston to support those going through the same. Throughout the years Marty Walsh was no stranger to our community; speaking at high school graduations, community-organized events, and supporting local businesses. We appreciate his dedication to the city and those living in it.

Although we are sad to see him go, this opportunity allowed for the city to welcome our first female and African-American mayor! Kim Janey, president of the city council, is going to act as Bostons stand in Mayor until November when Boston holds our primary mayoral election. I am confident this will inspire the city to trust and begin to push for more women leaders in our community, as well as tackle issues that haven't been solved by past leaders.

Nevertheless, we are excited to see a Boston native take on this position, and Mayor Marty Walsh will not be the last to do so.

Congrats Mayor Marty Walsh!

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