The founding chapter

Tutoring Services

GGB tutoring services connect middle school students to our girls. We provide Math and English tutoring and support. We recognize that this year has been hard for us all and want to ensure that no learning is lost. Our services are free of charge to also ensure equality throughout the Boston Public School System!

Girls Give Back nationwide pen-pal connects passionate young girls.


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Feminine Hygiene Drive

Our feminine hygiene drive was a make-up of quality feminine care products donated to our local women's shelter. During this drive, we took the time as a group to research and understand women's health disparities and equality gaps on a domestic and global scale.

Women of the month acknowledges and uplifts the inspiring women in our communities and beyond. This is not only to appreciate these incredible women but to set an example for younger girls. 


Women of the Month!

Conversation Cards

See Images and videos from the discussions below!

Girls Give Back Conversation cards were designed and created to initiate deeper conversations among women, men, and other communities. It’s crucial to be able to have a safe space to share your thoughts and effectively work towards creating solutions. Through these questions, we hope people will become more comfortable sharing and listening to a variety of different answers in order to inspire more thoughtful thinking in themselves.

The GirlHood Project project brings together middle school girls and Lesley student mentors to examine issues of identity, body image, and media culture. Girls Give Back is a proud co-sponsor of TGP and works with undergraduate women to empower young girls throughout Massachusetts

The Girlhood Project: Lesley University 

Strong Women,Strong Girls

Strong Women, Strong Girls was a collaboration event in honor of Women's History Month between Girls Give Back and the city of Boston's Office Of Women Advancements. 

A virtual intergenerational event discussion showing that passion has no age. Older women who are leaders in Boston exchange ideas with the youth leaders of Girls Give Back!

 Girls Give Back Outreach and Inclusivity team serves to connect all demographics to ensure we are supporting various communities and making our work as inclusive as possible. This team also provides leadership opportunities for all youth nationwide regardless of gender identity and promotes our collaborative work

Outreach and Inclusivity Team