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Girls Give Back Projects in Morocco work towards devising solutions for issues our members are passionate about. Our girls not only create projects similar to the GGB's founding chapter in Boston but also want to focus on problems unique to their community and country.


Supporting Moroccos large homeless population

In the picture on the left, Oumaima El Attache delivers bread ,milk, hygiene products and face coverings to a local homeless man in Marrakech, Morocco. As she made multiple delivers and met a number of struggling member in her community, this man she met along the way ensured to make prayer with Oumaima and thank her, as well as thank Girls Give Back. This project consisted of community fundraising and young passionate girl giving back to her community and taking the first step to combating an issue her and community, know all to well.


Supporting Moroccos large homeless population

Here, Oumaima delivers bread, milk, hygiene products and face masks to a local unsheltered woman also living in here community. Girls Give Back Morocco will continue to host these meaningful drives as this is an ongoing issue across Morocco. 


A picture of Nada with the family she supported


Nour with some of the students from the school she partnered with and donated to!

"Im tired of seeing the people in my community suffer. While my donation does seem small, I plan to continue my work to end severe homelessness and poverty in Morocco"

Directly Giving Back To The Community

Nada, from Agadir, organized a huge donation drive to a single mother living in poverty with two sons. Nada heard about the family and their struggles and knew she had to help. With money fundraised by Girls Give Back Boston she was able to deliver an abundance of food and clothing for the family! (scroll to see videos!)


The material Nada was able to give to the family in their singled room home.

Leading projects that support low-income children 

Nour from Casablanca, partnered with a local school and lead an amazing project that provided low-income students with resources such as body wash, blankets, pencils, pens , and even paint! Students in Morocco are struggling during the pandemic and Nour wanted to do something that would support them and their families, but also bring them some joy!


Younger students from the school showing pride in their country!


The materials Nour gathered 

Extensive food drive to rural Morocco Desert's

Girls Give Back Morocco organized a nationwide food drive to an extremely rural area of Agadir that included numerous community members to collect and distribute the supply to struggling families. The GGB Morocco chapters organized and led this project with a local organization to have the largest impact possible

Tutoring for young disadvantaged

Nour is leading a tutoring service for young disadvantaged students in Casablanca. She provides free and flexible reading, math, and French lessons for young students in her community. She has been teaching children throughout her community how to read and write! Nour has become a pillar for youth in the community.

Eid Drive to low-income families

Nada returned to a small town in Agadir, Morocco to donate clothes, food, and money to families in need of assistance during the Islamic holiday. GGB ensured to support young girls throughout the region as well. 

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