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Feminine Hygiene Drive: DYI
A great project to conduct yourself or with friends! 

Step 1

We would first recommend finding a local women's/homeless shelter in your area to donate the items to. Give them a call to learn about acceptable donation items

Step 2

After finding and contacting a local shelter, according to their donation regulations, start to buy/collect affordable quality products you would trust to use on yourself!

Step 3

In light of COVID, consider these products: quality hand sanitizer, wipes, face masks/coverings, and gloves. Other resourceful materials could be, body wash, lotion, shampoo, and disposable menstrual products. 

Step 4

Lastly, safely donate the items to the shelter, be sure to wear a mask, properly wash/sanitize your hands to help to stop the spread!

Encourage your friends and family to give this project a chance!

Always remember your voice and advocacy is powerful! 


Below are some local shelters in the Boston area:


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Are you a passionate girl looking to create a change in your community and work with girls globally?

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To start a chapter, fill out the form linked below and Salma will reach out to begin coordinating and planning your chapter! 


If there is a chapter in your area already, we welcome you to getting involved with and joining that chapter! We will be sure to connect with you. However, we understand different states and countries vary in size. If there is a chapter that is a long distance away from you and your immediate community, you are also welcome to initiate a chapter and collaborate with other chapters (s) in your state/country. (For example, GGB has a chapter in Miami, FL, and also Tampa, FL.)

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Commonly asked questions:

Q: Does everyone in our chapter have to speak English? 

Q: Is English required to join GGB?

A: Nope!! English is not required to join GGB or to start a chapter. Typically, at least 1-2 girls in a chapter can communicate in English but fluency is not required.

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