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Girls Give Back Vancouver was founded in July 2021 and works to connect their community while empowering other young women and fostering positive change. The first chapter in Canada Is a group diverse and passionate young women who believe in team work and collaboration!


Our Members


Founder of GGB Vancouver

Jasmin Jaiya Jouhal

My general goal is to give back to my community and by bringing a chapter to Vancouver, I have been able to do just that! I am very passionate about providing an area where girls can feel comfortable, empowered and motivated. I hope to further raise awareness on not only local issues, but global issues as well, alongside my chapter. I am looking forward to working side by side with these wonderful girls, and excited to meet so many more in the future <3


Sophia Wong

Being part of Girls Give Back Vancouver has given me the opportunity to use my voice and make change within my community and around the world. Not only has this experience improved my confidence and leadership skills, but has also allowed me to build lifelong relationships with other girls within the GGB community. With the help and support of girls across the globe, I believe that change is attainable and we can improve the world for the better, one project at a time. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this group and to meet so many more amazing individuals!


Ilana Gastaldo

For years now, I have been searching for ways to give back to my community and help those in need on a larger scale. Not only has joining Girls Give Back Vancouver allowed me to do just that, it has also led me to an amazing group of girls with whom I am building relationships that will last a lifetime. From the activities we have undertaken so far and discussions we have had on our plans for the future, it is clear the are all extremely motivated and excited to help see these projects come to life. I look forward to working with the young women both in my chapter and around the globe to make a difference in other peoples lives in any way we can.

Our Impact

Cards of Encouragement

Cards of encouragement was GGB Vancouver's first project. This project was organized to send positivity and uplift those in their community by creating hand written cards. The girls made over 110 cards to deliver to local hospitals and shelters that were shared with people of all ages! 


GGB Vancouver Gallery

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