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- G I R L S   G I V E  B A C K -
The Tampa Chapter

Welcome to the Tampa Chapter for Girls Give Back. We started around February of 2020 and have been lucky enough to learn and do so much from and with girls from across the globe. Keep scrolling and you can: meet our members, see some of the projects we've done, and witness how we portray what Girls Give Back believes in!


t a n v i  h a n d o o

Tanvi Handoo            


Hey there! My name's Tanvi, and I am the founder/leader of Tampa Chapter as well as co-founder of the India Chapter, and am a global ambassador of Girls Give Back! I aspire to share this safe space for more young women, and to create change where it is needed. I love 6LACK and Merlin :)

Feminine Hygiene Drive: Women and Abuse Victims

The GGB Tampa chapter conducted a feminine hygiene drive for their first project! All of the donations collected from this fundraiser go towards buying feminine hygiene and COVID-19 related products (tampons, pads, masks, sanitizer, etc.) to then be given to the Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa, (a shelter for abuse victims). 

The AP World History study sessions is a unique and special project; as having a supportive learning environment is something very important to the Tampa chapter. These sessions were designed as a peer to peer support and motivation! 

Peer to Peer study virtual study sessions

GGB Boston x GGB Tampa x GGB India 
Global Forum

 Girls Give Back Boston, Tampa, and India came together to orignize a global forum for every chapter of GGB to attend. Our girls in India lead the forum by answering questions about the COVID crisis and telling us about their community. They provided insight on the various inequties COVID has exposed in India. Our goal was to hear directly from girls in india and not just an article. 

 Girls Give Back Tampa and Girls Give Back Miami hosted a conversation to create a safe space to discuss the issues in their state, Florida, and uncover the root of different problems that harm marginalized communities. They've recognized the change needed in their state and wanted to raise their voices about it to begin finding solutions.

GGB Tampa x GGB Miami: Moving FL forward Conversation

GGB Tampa Beach Clean Up (ongoing)

In an effort to help aid environmental efforts, the girls from Girls Give Back Tampa went to Davis T. Beach, and cleared it of it's trash! The Tampa girls cleaned around 20 pounds of trash; most of which was cigarette buds, straws, and bottle caps. We, as humans, need to remember to care for our beautiful planet, and for mother nature. Because this is a continuous effort, we will continue to do this every month.

The Tampa girls collectively raised money by going around their community, and bought multiple items such as: coats, towels, toys, blankets, clothes, toiletries, and canned food. As a group, they donated these items to a local homeless shelter: Helping Rock Inc, along with hand-written cards to boost morale!

Holiday Homeless Shelter Drive

EQ4U Series

 This series (emotional quotient for you) was created to serve as a safe space for Tampa youth to discuss setbacks in mental health, learn about healthy coping mechanisms, and try out researched, scientifically-proven techniques to deal. We created presentations about differing mental health struggles, presented them, and made a collaborative spotify playlist of calming songs for girls around the world to contribute to!


A timeless collage of all of the hard work done while giving back to our community and making a difference!

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