Girls Give Back Tampa

The GGB Tampa chapter conducted a feminine hygiene drive for their first project! All of the donations collected from this fundraiser go towards buying feminine hygiene and COVID-19 related products (tampons, pads, masks, sanitizer, etc.) to then be given to the Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa(a shelter for abuse victims). 

Feminine Hygiene Drive: Women and Abuse Victims


Tanvi and Samantha delivering products to the local shelter together!

The AP World History study sessions is a project unique and special as having a supportive learning environment is something very important to the Tampa chapter. These sessions were designed as a peer to peer support and motivation! 

Peer to Peer study virtual study sessions

GGB Boston x GGB Tampa x GGB India 
Global Forum

 Girls Give Back Boston, Tampa, and India came together to orignize a global forum for every chapter of GGB to attend. Our girls in India lead the forum by answering questions about the COVID crisis and telling us about their community. They provided insight on the various inequties COVID has exposed in India. Our goal was to hear directly from girls in india and not just an article.