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We are committed to making a change and spreading awareness for not only our communities but others well.  Our values include : "lead, advocate, inspire, change" and we work together to carry out our mission using these values.


Below are GGB's values and how we use our voices to have positive impacts in our communities.

Linked below are articles on a variety of current issues nation and worldwide. We hope you learn something new and continue to use your voice to advocate for those who cant.  These articles were gathered by girls globally and discussed in international meetings.  


What does being a leader mean to GGB? 
Being a leader means being able to take initiative, even when other are not. That is the case for my Girls around the globe- they come from communities that dont always value the weight of our voices or encourage the volume. "Lead", is an incredibly crucial foundation for GGB Global because leadership is an attribute that takes time and courage to obtain especially as young woman in the world. 

How has GGB Global embodied Leadership?

In all of our chapters around the world, we are creating and leading impact projects with other young women from our communities. We are able community organize and push for positive change even when It becomes difficult. Our leadership is collaborative and impactful. Despite being young girls, we lead the way and create paths with our projects.


What does being a Advocacy mean to GGB? 
To GGB, advocacy is being able to cultivate a set of issues your passionate and work towards creating change anyway you see fit. Being an advocate looks different for everyone, here at GGB we appreciate and forms of advocacy. Standing up for communities your apart of but also those that you aren't apart of.

How has GGB Global embodied Advocacy?

We give girls the platform they need to combat issues they're passionate- no matter how big or how small it may seem. We are all advocates in our ways and GGB allows our members to be use their voice to create change. We collaborate and promote being unapologetically LOUD. Together, we learn how to spread our message, give back and advocate for our communities and others.
"Be the voice of the voiceless girl"'-Salma
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