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Girls Give Back Morocco was founded in December 2020 to expand our impact and connect girls globally.GGB Morocco works out of three different cities, Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Agadir. These passionate young women work together to empower girls, take initiative, and support struggling demographics in their areas-all while being able to connect others beyond their communities.

"I wanted to expand Girls Give Back to Morocco to connect girls from different communities to be able to learn from one another and inspire them to become leaders in their communities, in order to work towards making change"

- Salma Murphy


Casablanca, Morocco

"I'm Nour Ikouassen, and I'm a high school student, I'm from Morocco and I live in Casablanca, I have a passion for traveling, photography, and community service.

I wanted to join Girls give back because I really appreciated the projects and the content. The most impressive and important thing is that they encourage girls and young women from different countries and places to improve themselves in different subjects. More than exchanging ideas and discussing topics, they do strong volunteer and charity work.  I would like to develop such things in my country."

Fun Fact: I play basketball

 Nour Ikouassen


Marrakech, Morocco


"I believe that life is a give and take, which means that every person should give something positive to their community by helping others and doing good as much as possible. Female empowerment is not as common in Morocco and I am determined to fix that. I know we are able to make a change, that's why I'm happy to be apart of girls give back. "




Agadir, Morocco


"My name is Nada and I am from Agadir, Morocco. I love to learn more about my community and the people who live in it. Being able to communicate with people from other cultures and countries is important to me. So I personally love the mission of Girls Give Back and be able to give happiness and support to all the people who need it the most and doing all that we can to help"




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