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Girls Give Back Global was founded in May 2020 by Salma Murphy. The organization began in Boston and very quickly expanded to become a national and global non-profit. Murphy led multiple national and global initiatives to grow the impact of GGB Global. 

GGB provides a platform and space for Girls to become leaders in their communities and beyond. The girls are able to lead projects they're passionate about that target issues that are unique to their community but also leading global impact projects, all while connecting with other passionate young women across the globe. GGB global has become an incredible and immersive community for girls worldwide. It provides a unique opportunity to learn more about other communities and find ways to effectively create change beyond boarders!

Our Voices

"Girls Give Back has given me a chance to discover so much about myself and be a leader. GGB has given me the confidence I need to use my voice and fight for change. I also have an incredible group of passionate and motivated friends all around the world. I am so grateful for this organization and it will be something I am a part of forever"

الحمد لله على هذه المجموعة. أنا أحب العمل الذي" "نقوم به

"أشعر بالثقة وأعلم أنني أقوم بعمل جيد للعالم"

"Where do I even begin? As soon as the opportunity to be apart of GGB presented itself I knew it was going to be a great one. I learned how to be a fearless leader. GGB makes me  feel valued and heard. I want every girl around the world to be given this same opportunity!" 

"who wouldn't want to meet people from different continents and have constant support while making change?"

Girls Give Back Global works with girls ages 13-26 from all around the world! But we also encourage Women and girls of all ages to join us!

Girls Give Back is an opportunity for young girls to become leaders in their communities, create projects they're passiononate about and gain a global network of incredible girls all over the world! Our organization even does global collaborations projects across chapters!

"We will create change"

Here is a glimpse of a few issues we've combatted in our communities:

-Education Equity 

-Period Poverty 

-Gender Equality 

-Girls Access to Education

-Racism within schools 

-Mental Health 

-Food Insecurity

We've also created a global community of incredible girls!

And so much more! Visit our chapters' pages to learn more about our mission and projects around the world.

"Our mission is empower girls and ensure a space for young women to feel heard and valued."

~ Salma Murphy, Founder of GGB

Let's hear from some of our Girls and their    experience in GGB:
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