Girls Give Back Boston is a women-led organization founded Boston. Our members come from all over the city, state and from all different backgrounds. Our goal is to lead projects we're passion about, connect girls across the globe, and create a space for girls to become leaders.

GGB's founder, Salma Murphy, has been able to push for the expansion of Girls Give Back as we are now a national and even global organization! Please check out the other global chapter to see their amazing work!

Boston Latin Academy '22

Founded Girls Give Back with the mission to create an inclusive environment while encouraging girls to take initiative, lead projects that give back to their communities, and connect girls all across the globe to learn more about their communities and the different ways to foster change. Salma wanted work with other passionate girls and provide a space to feel empowered and have their voices heard.

Fun Fact: Avid Harry Styles fan

Founder & Leader 

Salma Murphy

About her work through Girls Give Back


Sakeenah Graves

Norwood High School '22

Passionate about social justice and environmental issues. In Girls Give Back to help her community, while working with a strong group of like-minded girls. 

Fun Fact: Loves Trader Joe's

Boston Latin Academy '22

Joined Girls Give Back to push for gender equality and female intitiave. Determined to combat streotypes on women and work with people in and outside of her community.

Fun Fact: Loves anime 


Ana Carolina Pereira

GGB Boston is proud to announce our ongoing partnership with the City Of Boston's Office Of Women's Advancements 

Girls Give Back has launched an Outreach and inclusivity team!

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Our third nationwide community conversation event May 26th at 7 pm EST. We hope to see you there.

RVSP link.

Civic Engagement Workshops at local middle schools coming soon!